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Working with artists, art galleries and integrating with CIMA awards week. 

3 Feb onwards

CIMA Awards

cIMA Awards show

The CIMA Award is biennially awarded to recognize excellence in visual art and discover genuine talent in India, especially beyond the cities. The works for the awards will be selected by a jury which will highlight knowledge-based appreciation of art and artist. This event is open to all artists, trained as well as self-taught, across the country and will go beyond all conventional barriers and seek to recognize and encourage excellence, particularly in its uniqueness of vision. It seeks to bridge the gap between urban and rural India and thus promote the richness of Indian art as a whole. CIMA Award will cover paintings, sculptures, graphics and emerging new media such as video art, installations, graphic novel, digital art.

CIMA Gallery, Studio 21, Gem Cinema

2 Feb - 23 Feb

An exhibition on computer gaming

Games and Politics is an exhibition, which focuses on explicit political games created since 2004. That year marks a significant rift for Ian Bogost, a media researcher. The 2004 US presidential elections, Bogost argues, coincided with the first explicitly political and activist utterance by the medium. In contrast to the representational media such as painting and photography, computer games conceive of themselves not merely as a (re-) presentation of social conditions and conflicts, but attempt to simulate the processes and rules that give rise to these conflicts. All the games included in this exhibition share this political approach, which is intended by thegames’ designers to set them clearly apart from both the conventional market as well as from computer games as an entertainment medium.


Inauguration: 5 Feb (Tuesday) | 6.30 pm

Exhibition Timings: 6-28. February 2018, 11.00 am to 6.30 pm (daily, except for public holidays and Sundays)


6 Feb

3 Feb onwards

Japan as Beauty

Shin-e and Prof. Nochioka

Paintings by the Japanese artists Misako Shin-e and Prof. Nochioka will introduce us to the traditional art from Japan and its culture

Kolkata centre for creativity

3 Feb - 10 Feb

Across the Lines

Hidden away from the main streets and across the railway lines, the residents of Kolkata’s Pavlov Hospital have collaborated with artist Srikanta Paul and his team to create an immersive artwork that expresses their dreams and aspirations. The hospital, currently a site under construction, is a home of sorts to people overcoming mental health issues, as well as people who are left without a home even after recovery. The experience of living within its guarded walls leads to conflicting and often unresolved ideas about self, identity, home, and community. This artwork is an attempt to give shape to these ideas, and briefly occupy the space with the voices of those living in the hospital.

Calcutta Pavlov Hospital

Inauguration: 2 Feb (Saturday) | 11 am

Exhibition: 3 Feb -10 Feb | 11am - 5pm


2 Feb

The Kolkata Festival is an initiative of The Art & Heritage Foundation.
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