Para Artscape is a public art project featuring interactive artworks, performances and installations, at different paras (neighbourhoods), creating an immersive art landscape that will bring the unique stories and experiences of each area to life, and create a city wide celebration.

3 Feb onwards


CPT Chalo Painting Tangai

The old Port Trust Colony, off Taratola Road is a blank canvas, with many surprising stories waiting to be brought to life. The young people who have grown up in the fringes of the abandoned buildings and playgrounds have filled these empty spaces with their own imaginations and adventures. Using graffiti, murals, prints, and sculptures, the artists’ collective Sunny De Wall have working with the youth to create a fantastical landscape, that re-imagines this locality through their eyes, and portrays their lives with humour, tinged with shades both dark and light.


3 Feb - 10 Feb
2 pm - 8 pm

Chitpur-er Chalchitra

Chitpur Road is one of Kolkata’s oldest roads and home to diverse communities, unique craft traditions, and bustling markets. The Chitpur Craft Collective, a group of local craftspeople, as well as artists and designers, have come together to curate an Art Trail. The trail meanders through the lanes and bylanes, studios, shops and heritage buildings of this historic neighbourhood. Follow along to explore the many hidden gems of this locality, and experience artworks and installations that highlight the beauty inherent in Chitpur’s everyday hustle and bustle.

Chitpur road

7 Feb - 10 Feb
2 pm - 8 pm


3 Feb

The Kolkata Festival is an initiative of The Art & Heritage Foundation.
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