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the festival

Kolkata celebrates often. We celebrate when Ma Durga visits. We celebrate when music defies the night. We celebrate the arrival of the monsoons.  And we celebrate when a burnt out theatre is used for an art show.

But the Kolkata Festival is not just another celebration. This time we are celebrating the city –   its spirit and its essence. We allow ourselves to be called the Cultural Capital. The Kolkata Festival will show that the cultural wealth of this city survives and thrives.

For ten days in February, Kolkata will celebrate.  There will be music and art and food and dance. It will be in the city’s iconic venues but it will also be on the streets and in the parks.  Every  feature of this enigma called Kolkata will be celebrated by its amazing pool of cultural talent and by its ever-enthusiastic citizens.

And in true Kolkata fashion, each of our events is non-ticketed, free and open to all the public to access.

It truly will be a show to remember.


The Kolkata Festival is an initiative of The Art & Heritage Foundation.
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